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What Will You Learn πŸ“š

Everyday millions of data points are added/edited in databases, with each new fields coming in, complexity between different types of data and relations between them is increasing, thus understanding Databases and it's concept is important!

  • Concepts of Database
  • Concepts of RDBMS
  • Understanding PostgreSQL
  • Advance PostgreSQL
  • Understanding PostGIS
  • PostgreSQL Alternatives

What's Included in Bootcamp πŸ–₯️


Course Modules

1.1Introduction to Database
What is Database, how to use it in developing complex applications
1.2Types of databases
Different types of databases and their use cases
1.3SQL and NoSQL databases
Selected querying language for typical use cases
1.4Use cases and applications of database
How companies ranging from giant to startups utilises databases to store information
1.5Introduction to DBMS
How to interact with databases
2.1Introduction to RDBMS
What is Relational databases and how to manage it
2.2Keys in RDBMS
Different types of keys that can be assigned to fields
2.3Constraints in RDBMS
Different types of Conditions that can be applied to fields to make connections and their use case
2.4RDBMS hierarchy
How to use roles, users, Tablespaces, etc.
2.5RDBMS components
How to use tables, schema, etc.
3.1Overview of PostgreSQL
Introduction to world's most advance open source database
3.2PostgreSQL Capabilites
Different features of PostgreSQL
3.3Using Commandline to access database
Operating database using commandline
3.3Using Web UI (pgAdmin) to access database
Operating database using web UI such as pgAdmin
3.4Understanding SQL
Introduction to Structured Query Language
3.5SQL Queries
Different verbs used in Querying data
3.6CRUD in SQL
Operations on data to Create, Retrieve, Update, Delete
Introduction and application of views
Introduction and application of Indexes to increate querying speed
Creating functions inside RDBMS
4.4PostgreSQL Security
Securing Data in PostgreSQL
4.5Optimizing performance
Making PostgreSQL Production ready
πŸ“šCRUD Operations using PostgreSQL
Creating basic application to work in postgreSQL and perform CRUD
5.1Introduction to PostGIS
Introduction and installation of PostGIS
5.2Spatial functions in PostGIS
Different types of functions and methods available in PostGIS to perform spatial queries and their use case
5.3Spatial Indexing data in PostGIS
How and why to spatially index data
6.1Creating Frontend - Javascript + Openlayers
Creating Front end web application to interact with map
6.2Creating Backend - PHP + PostgreSQL
Create Backend logic to connect database with web application
6.3Making connections with Database
Performing SQL queries fron front end to database using back end
7.1Working with MySQL
Introduction to MySQL
7.2Working with firebase
Introduction to firebase

Who Is This Course For ❓

This course is designed for any level of IT Professionals.This course will help you start thinking as a backend developer. This can be a beginning course for further work in

  • Backend Development
  • API Development
  • Database Optimisation

Meet The Tutor 🀠

Hello, world! Imagine you are a god,

You know where someone is or where they have been. Now imagine based on that you can predict, analyze about their future... Cool, isnt it? Well I help people do that sort of stuff. I am a Full stack GIS Developer who works with Opensource technologies as well as Enterprise Technologies.

Course Reviews πŸ“„

Best Beginner course to get started with Databases and RDBMS

Navkar Kumat

Just amazing!!! Wonderful, Highly recommended, Thank u.


PostGIS is important skill to have as a GIS professional, It is covered in depth with examples! Highly Recommended!!


Properly planned and good setup. Being a begineer I learned a lot from this course. Thank you mate. Appreciate your efforts. Cheers

Shubham Sunil Malu

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This course very beneficial and you totally understand what is Postgres-Postgis

Sourav Dhara

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Can a non technical person enrol?

Ofcourse! πŸ˜„ The Content is specifically designed to walk you through the theorotical knowledge of Database to practical applications of it

Why don't I see anything related to MySQL, MSSQL?

MySQL, MSSQL are great products, but PostgreSQL is Worlds most advance Open source Database (no kidding! checkout here ). It's geospatial extension PostGIS is quite advance and used by lot of big players as well.

Will you be available to answer questions after course?

Yes mate! πŸ˜ƒ You can reach me over email anytime you need. But my moto here will be to make you self-sufficient , We'll see some of the best forums in the world which can help you to ask as well as answer questions.

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