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What Will You Learn πŸ“š

This course is designed for people who wants to learn Python and it's application in Geospatial Industry

  • Basic GIS Concetps
  • Introduction to Python Programming
  • Working with Python Libraries
  • Vector Analysis
  • Raster Analysis

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What's Included in Online Bootcamp πŸ–₯️


Course Modules

1.1History about python and installation
1.2Hello world in python
1.3Using Editors and Notebook to write programs
1.4Data types in python
1.5Lists, Tuples, Dictionary, Set
1.6Functions in python
1.7Loops in Python ( While, For, Nested)
1.8 If-else in Python
1.9 Classes and Object in Python
1.10 Decorators in Python
1.11 File handling in Python
1.12 Modules and Packages in Python
1.13 Project 1 - Building Own Calculator
1.14 Project 2 - Automation in Python
1.15 Introduction to Python framework (Django, Flask)
2.1 Introduction to GIS
2.2 Data Formats in GIS
2.3 Basics of Remote Sensing
2.4 Different types of data representation
Thematic Map, Temporal Map
2.5 Vector GIS Analysis Concepts
Buffer, Intersection, Merge, Within, Union
2.6 Raster GIS Analysis Concepts
Change Detection, Feature Extraction, Supervised-unsupervised classification
2.7 Introduction to Spatial Databases
2.8 Introduction to QGIS
3.1 Installations of Geospatial libraries
GDAL/OGR, GEOS, Shapely, Fiona, GeoPandas, pyproj
3.2 Initiate Vector data
Create, Read, Convert Vector data
3.3 Correcting Vector Data
Projections, Reprojections
3.4 Spatial Querying data
3.5 Geospatial Analysis on Vector data
3.6 Visualisation of Vector data
3.7 Create Interactive map within python
3.8 Project
4.1 Conversion of raster data formats
4.2 Modifying Raster Data
4.3 Reading Raster from Database
4.4 Querying Raster Data
4.5 Project
5.1 Using PostgreSQL-postGIS in python notebook
5.2 CRUD Operation on GIS data
Create, Retrieve, Update, Delete data
5.3 Spatial Querying data in python notebook
5.4 Creating Interactive map

Who Is This Course For ❓

This course is designed for GIS Professionals, Freshers, Web Developement enthusiasts, This Course will allow you to work in a GIS Web Developement domain allowing you to work on really complex and fun applications

Meet The Tutor 🀠

Hello, world! Imagine you are a god,

You know where someone is or where they have been. Now imagine based on that you can predict, analyze about their future... Cool, isnt it? Well I help people do that sort of stuff. I am a Full stack GIS Developer who works with Opensource technologies as well as Enterprise Technologies.

Course Reviews πŸ“„

The first lecture was a strong and powerful one. The instructor is able to pack so much in very little time and at the same time he is able to explain the concepts of HTML in a very clear way. Awesome course.

Joel Rodriguez

Just amazing!!! Wonderful, Highly recommended, Thank u.


I join that as a beginner but i got lot of knowledge about html like how to create tables,input data from input tag etc with beauty seen. thank

Vikas Mishra

Properly planned and good setup. Being a begineer I learned a lot from this course. Thank you mate. Appreciate your efforts. Cheers

Shubham Sunil Malu

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This course very beneficial and you totally understand what is Web GIS

Abdullah Uğur TOPAL

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Can a non technical person enrol?

Ofcourse! πŸ˜„ The Content is specifically designed to walk you thought the very basics of HTML, CSS, Javascript, etc. Once you are comfartable with it, then we dive in the ocean of GIS

Why don't I see anything related to ESRI?

ESRI has lot of great products, but they are not completely Open Source. The Idea behind this course is to introduce people to πŸ’― Open source technologies.

Can I use these Softwares and Libraries in commercial projects?

Yes! a big YESS!! 😍 , you can use these softwares for any education, commerical purpose.

Is there any market for Open Source Technologies πŸ˜•?

With the rise in the costing of giant market players such as Google Maps, ESRI, Many companies are looking for options which can save them some bucks. I personally have worked with fortune 500 companies who are completely relying on Opensource tech now-a-days

Will you be available to answer questions after course?

Yes mate! πŸ˜ƒ You can reach me over email anytime you need. But my moto here will be to make you self-sufficient , We'll see some of the best forums in the world which can help you to ask as well as answer questions.

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