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Learn multiple GIS streams and development courses under one roof

Web GIS developement

This is a course on Open source web GIS developement covering

  • Basic web developement stack
  • Openlayers
  • Geoserver
  • Database, etc

Geospatial Analysis using Python

This course covers concepts of GIS, Python and it's geospatial analysis components. This course covers

  • Introduction to GIS and Python
  • Intoduction to Geospatial python packages
  • Vector Analysis using Python
  • Raster Analysis using Python

Geospatial Database and RDBMS

This course covers concepts of database and it's geospatial components. This course covers

  • Introduction to Database and RDBMS
  • Postgres - PostGIS
  • Building full fledged application with database
  • Intoduction to NoSQL

Geoserver Installation to Production

This course covers concepts in geoserver including

  • Using WMS/WFS/GWC services
  • Advance styling using JSON, CSS
  • Security Module
  • REST APIs in geoserver
  • Optimization for deployment

Django and GIS Course

⏱️ 30+ Hours

Coming Soon!

This course can help attendees create highly scalable full fledged applications, this course covers

  • Introduction to Django and GeoDjango
  • Introduction to GeoDjango
  • Creating REST APIs in Django
  • Deploying Django Application

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SpatialOps is a mind baby of Krishna Lodha . He is a full stack web gis developer with love to spread knowledge.

He spends most of his daytime on coding 🖥️ and listening classical music 🎼 . Remaining is for blogging , and Youtubing !!